The complex issues of contemporary society call for the use of new tools for analysis, synthesis and decision-making in compliance with the recent development of information technologies.

The Blockchain technology has developed as a new infrastructure capable of integrating the concepts of distributed computing and Cloud Computing by using advanced algorithm cryptographic systems, capable of delivering „Trust and Efficiency” in distributed database processing, ensuring the handling of a large variety of transactions.

Developed countries seriously consider the wide-ranging integration of Blockchain technology in the most diverse areas.

Under these circumstances, the Initiative Group set up the “ECEB – European Center for Excellence for Blockchain” as a promoter of the Blockchain issue and its link with the protection of Critical Infrastructures for state institutions and for the private sector (i.e. finance, energy, etc.), both nationally and internationally.

The Center will pursue, through national, including private, European and international projects, the development of Blockchain’s use capacities through internships and international training courses, initiating formulas for international cooperation in this respect, organizing events in Romania, to participate in relevant international events, to promote and support forms of regulation of the Blockchain issue by the Parliament, the Government, responsible authorities and others.


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