ECEB, the European Center for Excellence for Blockchain will pursue, through national, including private, European and international projects, the development of Blockchain’s use capacities through internships and international training courses, initiating formulas for international cooperation in this respect, organizing events in Romania, to participate in relevant international events, to promote and support forms of regulation of the Blockchain issue by the Parliament, the Government, responsible authorities and others.

The ECEB will conduct research, rapid pilot prototyping, co-creation of use cases on blockchain technology and platforms. It will also recommend a national Blockchain platform to facilitate enterprises to swiftly adopt and on-board blockchain based solutions and services.

Access to both policy, technical and business expertise around blockchain will also be provided by ECEB. It also announced at the first blockchain seminar that it will be cooperating with local companies participating at the centre on building points of view, proof of concepts, policies, and educational materials.


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